How to… make friends and develop diabetes

You're a Goose



Do you ever get sudden cravings for something out of nowhere? Cravings for something that you’d never normally think about, but since you started thinking about it you can’t think of anything else? And then you get to the point where you think that if you don’t eat that thing within the next five minutes you’ll probably collapse on the floor and cry? OH MY GOD, ME TOO!

Today’s craving is chocolate fudge, which is weird because I’m not usually a huge fan of fudge but who am I to argue with my body? I wasn’t even thinking about fudge at all. I was shut in my office working on my thesis and trying not to think about the number of brews I’d already had today, but I had a stinking headache and thought that a nap might help (any excuse…). Then when I woke up that was it…

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