Lasagna fritta and artichoke gratinata

Cookin'.... and Motherin'!

Last night I was in the mood for some major comfort food. It didn’t take me but 5 seconds to decide on Italian, since they make pretty much the most kick-ass comfort food ever. As I made that decision, I had a flash back of my first time going to Olive Garden. They have an appetizer on their menu called “lasagna fritta”. It’s breaded and deep-fried lasagna rolls served with alfredo sauce. Sweet baby Jesus, yes please! I managed to find a mock recipe for it here. I did, of course, make some changes to it to suit my own personal tastes and to cut out some of the complications of the recipe. For a side dish, I was really in the mood for something with artichokes. I am a huge fan of artichokes. They are soooooo good, and there are so many ways you can prepare them. After…

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