Brownie Pops


Brownie Pops

Nope not cake pops. Being a brownie lover I had to try this idea of making brownie pops. Simple semi-homemade brownies out of a box.
Bake the brownies as indicated on the box. Wait for them to cool completely, then make balls in the size of a golf ball. Freeze for 15 mins.
Next, you’ll need candy melts and pick any color you like.
Melt as directed on the package.
Now you will need some pop sticks.
Take the pop sticks dip in candy melts and insert into brownie pops, wait for it to cool down so when you dip the pop in the bowl to cover it with candy melts it won’t fall off the stick.
Last, stick them on a styrofoam of any shape as dipping is completed so they can dry/harden.
Don’t forget to decorate the pops before the candy melt dries, use any kind of sprinkles…

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