Weekend Round Up & Some Ultra Fudgey Brownies

Hangry Tales

So this weekend, these happened. Oh yeah…

IMG_1705But let’s back track, shall we? It all begins on Friday evening. Lance and I decided to go out for a nice glass of vino and some catching up. We decided that we should invite a few friends over the next night to play this crazy game we just bought. But Lance says he’ll handle the food. Um…what?

Lance doesn’t do food. Lance finds it too much work to peel a clementine. You think I’m exaggerating but I actually peel them for his lunches. Or they come back untouched…So I ask what he has in mind. He says “a frozen pizza or something.” ……..

As it turns out, Lance was afraid of serving his guy friends vegan food. I think he was picturing me serving up plates of spinach or something. He was assuming that just because I choose to make super healthy…

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